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Enchanting islands of Sultans, Spices, and Surprises 

The Paradise You’ve Never Heard Of

Featuring high on CNN’s list of “Least visited countries,” Comoros (spelled Comores in French) is a tropical island paradise, were visitors can escape the crowds and familiarity of the well-known tourist circuits. Instead, one steps back in time, into a world of Persian Sultans and audacious pirates; of volcanic craters and deserted beaches; majestic whales and inquisitive lemurs; thriving reefs and cinnamon forests; elaborate weddings and tranquil sunsets; smiling faces and throbbing drums; fresh tuna on the grill and jasmine on the breeze. 

These “Islands of the Moon”  (juzur al-qamar in Arabic) are the epitome of ecotourism: an exotic blend of rich history, vital culture, magnificent landscapes, and exceptional biodiversity. If you long to experience and explore a forgotten world, we look forward to introducing you to our island paradise and the best of Comoros tourism. You are going to Adore Comores!


Adore Comores: Passionate for Ecotourism in Comoros

Adore Comores is a full service inbound tour operator which exists to present the natural and cultural wonders of Comoros to the world, while safeguarding this majestic heritage for future generations. “Ecotourism with Passion” means that our team is committing our heart and soul to helping you discover the best of Comoros. And it means that once you walk these historic alleys and deserted beaches, you will experience the heart and soul of Comoros and will share our passion for this lost paradise.

In the past, Comoros’ seclusion has made it a difficult destination for visitors to find and experience meaningfully. With few local English speakers, limited information, and challenging infrastructure, only the most adventurous travelers were willing to take a chance and figure it out as they went. Adore Comores is making this special place more accessible and enjoyable, harnessing the experience of our international team members with the commitment and local knowledge of our guides and community partners to build Comoros tourism in a sustainable way. We are here to answer your questions, plan your island adventure, and help you to fall passionately in love with Comoros, as we have.