Low infection rates, increased testing

Comoros has not been heavily affected by Covid-19.  Currently (February 2022) the country is averaging 9 new cases per day.  Rapid antigen testing is available in the capital cities on each island. 

Vaccination rates increasing

  As of February 4 2022, 341,102 people had received at least 1 dose and 296,859 people were fully vaccinated, with the vaccination campaigns ongoing. 

Arrival requirements

Comoros has dropped the Covid-19 test requirements for international arrival and departure for vaccinated travelers. A negative PCR test administered within 72 hours of arrival is required for all travelers who are not vaccinated. Additional screening and sanitizing procedures are in place at the airport. Quarantine and isolation are not required. 

Local Covid-19 regulations and treatment

 A mask mandate is in effect in the following areas:

  • Meetings in closed areas
  • In pharmacies and medical laboratories
  • In health trainings
  • In registration rooms and waiting rooms of ports

A vaccination card or a negative PCR test within 72 hours (for those not vaccinated) is required for domestic flights.

The local healthcare system has limited capabilities.  As with travel to other developing nations, travel insurance with medical repatriation coverage is strongly recommended. 

PCR testing for departure

PCR testing is no longer required for international departures from Comoros, apart from travelers not vaccinated and those who need a negative test to meet their destination entry requirements.

Tests are done at SIDA offices, next to the headquarters of the Police Nationale, in the Caltex quarter in Moroni between 8:30 am to noon daily. For flights to  Mayotte & Réunion, the tests are done 1 day before and for other destinations, tests are done 2 days before departure.

Adore Comores can organize expedited testing for our clients who need the tests.

Comoros is open, ready, and waiting for you

Comoros’ relative isolation, wide-open natural spaces, and a small number of international visitors all help to minimize Covid-19 risks.  All hotels, restaurants, and transportation systems are operating and ready to serve you.  And the spectacular beauty of the islands’ mountains, forests, beaches, and reefs are waiting in quiet solitude for your arrival.