our name

First, how do you pronounce it? In French, the official language, Comoros is written Comores, and the final “s” is silent. So in our name, the two words rhyme and are pronounced as “Adore Comore.” 

But why “Adore Comores?” Because we absolutely LOVE Comoros! We Adore it! And we want the world to learn more about this amazing land and her people and come to love it, too. But that’s not all: we want all Comorians to fall in love with their heritage all over again. We hope that when our people see how the whole world adores our culture and beautiful land, we, too, will Adore Comores!


our ecotourism

The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people and involves interpretation and education.”

For Adore Comores, that means:

Exploring and experiencing the natural and cultural heritage of Comoros, while preserving and respecting its people, culture, biodiversity, and authenticity.

We promote journeys in which people connect with people, explore amazing nature, create fond memories, and leave a lasting, positive impact on the lives, land, and society of Comoros.

Our Story

Hi. My name is Jon Hildebrandt, founder of Adore Comores. I am an American, born in Kenya, with a wonderful wife and two great kids. After 10 years of flying and managing humanitarian aviation in East Africa, we moved to Comoros in 2014. My family has fallen in love with Comoros and we have made it our home. Our heart is to create a thriving ecotourism sector in the country which will bring a positive change in the lives of Comorians while cherishing and preserving this incredible environment and culture.

From 2016 through 2019, I managed Mohéli Laka Lodge, Comoros’ most authentic eco-resort, situated in the heart of the Mohéli National Park. During our four years on Mohéli, I heard the same story from travelers again and again: they were enraptured by the stunning nature, culture, and friendliness of Comoros, but their trip had been hampered by numerous problems which had prevented them from fully enjoying the experience. It broke my heart to hear numerous people tell me how great the trip could have been, but instead, they were disappointed and were leaving with mixed feelings. Knowing that Comoros’ unique combination of natural wonders, rich culture, and relaxed authenticity is exactly what so many travelers are searching for, I knew that we had to find a solution to these difficulties in order to allow visitors to fully appreciate the exceptional character of this nation.  

So in 2021 we moved to the capital and created Adore Comores. Our goal is to provide the highest standards of service and take care of the local logistics so that travelers can relax and truly appreciate the beauty of Comoros. We also want to partner with local businesses throughout the tourism sector to help them improve their levels of service and provide a truly exceptional experience for every visitor. Toward this end, we have assembled an international management team to build global tourism ties, do training, and ensure prompt and accurate client communication. We are recruiting the best English-speaking guides and training them to international standards of interpretive guiding and customer service. We are creating a system of evaluation, training, and ranking for hotels and restaurants to help them improve their services and provide travelers with accurate information. We have renovated a historic building on the central plaza of Moroni, right across from the iconic Old Friday Mosque. And we are researching the possibility of creating a fast and safe speedboat service between the islands, for the benefit of both tourists and Comorians.  

Our team is passionate about introducing you to the very best of Comoros. We invite you to send us your questions, do some research, and then take the plunge and let us show you why we Adore Comores!


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